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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we can offer FREE samples to all our prospective clients.

We can supply you samples irrespective of your geographical location for Free, but clients must cover the shipping cost.

If you have a FedEx, DHL or TNT account, you can send them to pick up your Free sample.

Our Payment Terms are varied depending on the order quantity, contract duration and delivery plan agreed. However, mostly we trade under the following terms area:

  • 30% of Deposit Payment (DP) upon signing the Proforma Invoice and Sales Contract, and the 70% balance will be cleared by T/T before delivery.
  • Letter Of Credit (L/C) and Irrevocable Letter Of Credit at sight.
  • 100% Down Payment (Bank Transfer)
  • Cash At Delivery

Product Quality is always at the forefront of our commitments. We have strict quality management process from raw material analysis to finished products and we go a step further as follows:

  • We work very closely with third party inspectors such as SGS to make sure products are delivered as laid out in the Sales Contract.
  • We source our products from certified manufactures only
  • Prior to dispatch, clients can attend the loading and stocking of the consignments.
  • We can provide certificate of analysis upon request upon confirmation of purchase

Only after we have a complete understanding of your specific needs and goals can we negotiate a compensation for our services, these can take any of the following forms:

Consultation Fee. This could be a flat fee or an hourly fee.

Export Management Fee – Export Management fee is based upon your assets and respective market procedure.

Import Management Fee – Import Management Fee is based on your required products and the sourcing process.

Commission – if there is a particular product that fit your sourcing needs, we would be able to implement a supply chain process where the producer compensates us.

Normally we take orders no matter if it’s big or small. However, we recommend that our clients seek cost effective quantities. Such as;

  • 1 x 20 ft container load.
  • 1 x 40 ft container load

If your ordered quantity is less than 100 pcs per SKU, we will arrange and dispatch the products as mutually agreed.

Yes, Private label can be printed on the products for Free upon request. However, resources or label must be provided by the client.

Yes, you are welcome to visit us!

  • We can arrange to pick you up from airport, seaport or train station.

Considering that we are an import and export company based within the European Union, our products are not limited to one country of origin.

  • We source products from certified manufactures worldwide at competitive prices.
  • We also make sure our clients benefit from a diversified portfolio of products from around the globe and enjoy a high return on investment.

A product return is very much unlikely due to our strict verification procedure (prior to shipping) as;

  • We may engage a third party inspector for a conformity report at loading upon request.

If a product is not delivered as contracted, all you need do is contact us about this within 48 hours and a return process will be launched or a discount be awarded as laid out by the WTO.

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